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Carpet Lining

Carpet lining is one of the first and most crucial things we do to vans when they come in.

It starts with us removing any old plywood and cleaning the bare metal of the van inside.

Then we move onto insulating all of the bare metal work using two types of insulation one that traps cold air in the winter meaning it will stay warmer and it also acts the same in the hotter summer months trapping warm air, keeping it from getting too hot in the van. And the other a dacron material that we put in all of the open areas behind the metal/ply panels for an added warmth barrier.

Then finally we carpet all of the bare metal work on show using high quality material and carpet the ply panels separate and fit them over the top. ( not straight over all in one) leaving a nice clean base van ready to start it’s conversion/ or a van looking less like an every day builders Van for the school run!

Prices start from £500 Carpet lining alone for a medium van like the Volkswagen transporter, ford transit, Vauxhall vivaro and so on.

Added double insulation is £100.

Sound deadening using 6mm auto wrap foam £150

Please message us for more details and availability.
Mob: 07885820851


New rock roll bed service


Rock roll bed

We at Lynex Campervans are proud to announce our new rock roll bed service new to June 2016.

you can choose from a range of colours and patterns including the triple diamond Bentley stitch.

Upgrade your Camper-van and customise your seats with unique styles. whatever are your requirements we are happy to do!

we are also able to match your front seats to whatever style you pick.

You can bring your van to us and we will take care of the rest.

please call for a no obligation quote: 07885820851