Trend Lyne

the Trend Lyne units are similar too the Start Lyne but at the front of the unit it comes out a little bit allowing for a bigger fridge freezer.
again they fit into the swb and also the lwb models.

on the SWB units they have a weaco fridge and next to that a tambour door from floor level under the sink unit with a draw above the fridge and storage area. at the rear of the unit there are two Tambour doors for storage.

the LWB units have either a storage door at the front with a drawer above or replace the door and fit a fridge into it instead, next to that there are 3 seperate storage areas with push lock doors onto the rear you can choose from either 1 single tambour door, a double tambour door or a tambour door that curves around the unit  with another single tambour door by the side of it.

( below picture SWB design)

( below the Lwb with double tambour door without fridge)
evo 2,4 swb
( below lwb with fridge at front and one tambour door at rear)

evo2 lwb

( below LWB with curved tambour door and 1 More at rear )evo2,5