Luxury Campervan kitchen units

Swb curved fridge design gloss Black and gloss red
LWB curved door campervan kitchen
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Carpet Lining

Carpet lining is one of the first and most crucial things we do to vans when they come in.

It starts with us removing any old plywood and cleaning the bare metal of the van inside.

Then we move onto insulating all of the bare metal work using two types of insulation one that traps cold air in the winter meaning it will stay warmer and it also acts the same in the hotter summer months trapping warm air, keeping it from getting too hot in the van. And the other a dacron material that we put in all of the open areas behind the metal/ply panels for an added warmth barrier.

Then finally we carpet all of the bare metal work on show using high quality material and carpet the ply panels separate and fit them over the top. ( not straight over all in one) leaving a nice clean base van ready to start it’s conversion/ or a van looking less like an every day builders Van for the school run!

Prices start from £500 Carpet lining alone for a medium van like the Volkswagen transporter, ford transit, Vauxhall vivaro and so on.

Added double insulation is £100.

Sound deadening using 6mm auto wrap foam £150

Please message us for more details and availability.
Mob: 07885820851

Custom interior van ceilings

Have you ever wondered what sets vans apart from the rest?

Sat there thinking what can I do different to everyone else in my van!

“OK, Let’s start with the inside ceiling ”

We like to do different at lynex campervans and the ceiling is just one of the many features that will set your van off to the rest. It’s just no fun laying in bed looking at a boring ceiling.

There’s a range of different ways we can line your ceiling with the suede lining being the best option in our eyes. With custom led lighting it makes an amazing effect when put together. 20180513_153153there’s a range of colours in the suede effect you can choose from being the most popular light grey (shown in the picture above) also black,red,Brown,blue,dark grey,cream,stone,orange and finally pink! 20180513_164745any led colour of your choice built in we can also do a multi colour led so you can change the lighting to suit your mood!

IMG_9204custom center peice with options of either having full white led or both white and red strips with separate switches. IMG_9201all suited around you. Your imagination is our vision!

New rock roll bed service


Rock roll bed

We at Lynex Campervans are proud to announce our new rock roll bed service new to June 2016.

you can choose from a range of colours and patterns including the triple diamond Bentley stitch.

Upgrade your Camper-van and customise your seats with unique styles. whatever are your requirements we are happy to do!

we are also able to match your front seats to whatever style you pick.

You can bring your van to us and we will take care of the rest.

please call for a no obligation quote: 07885820851

Bespoke Campervan conversions


Here at Lynex Campervans we are a friendly family run business that specialise in building high quality Micro and Compact campers on mainly new but also low mileage pre loved vans this giving the opportunity to fit in with more peoples budget and giving the opportunity to enjoy a camping lifestyle the Right way.

Our philosophy is and always will be to provide quality compact Motor Homes at a competitive price and to provide an immediate while honest response to any query, no matter how large or small.

We always have a great selection of our own camper vans built in stock NEW and USED ready to go or we can order a van that just suits your specific requirements to put your personal touch on.

drop us a text or call on – 07885820851  or  07815885945

Our most popular camper vans are the Vauxhall Vivaro the Nissan nv200 and the Volkswagen T5.

imageNissan nv200 micro campervan

The Nissan nv200 compact Campervan does 55 mpg and is truly a micro Campervan only being the size of a Vauxhall Zafira. It’s great handling and car like features make it a big hit in the camper van industry, more popular to the retiring couple that do not have too much luggage to take with them.
Prices for a second hand van at £22,000+  to a new van at £26,000+ varying on what budget you have to suit your needs. if you have any ideas on how you want your layout or what colour you want your bed to be just give us a call or text on 07885820851 we will be more than happy to discuss your needs and revolve the camper-van around the way you want.
link to the Nissan nv200 page


imageVauxhall Vivaro campervan

As a Camper or Sports Utility vehicle the Vivaro sport is Perfect! With the engine genuniely upgraded by Vauxhall and remapped to 147PS the vehicle has a lot more Ooomph and gains 43-50 Mpg than the standard vehicle!
The smooth and quiet engine coupled with a very comfortable adjustable driving position allows for driver enjoyment. The Vivaro drives and parks like a car!
The roomy square interior of the Vivaro lends itself to the stylish contemporary built in furniture.
The Vauxhaull Vivaro front seats rotate without the need to open doors especially handy on those wet and windy days!

prices for second hand vans start at £26,000+
and from New they start at £32,000+
link to Vauxhall vivaro campervan page